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Option E Workshops

This year, 25 teams from Berlin, Madrid and Paris campus will present and test their prototypes to collect feedback from the community. All the workshops will be held online and are open to the community.

17th November 2022


App providing insights on how to compose a balanced meal, taking into account previous choices and future goals.

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WEREAD will accompany you in the process of starting to read. Our goal is to challenge you, make you want to read and reward you.

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MENTIS is an interactive mental health platform that wants to destigmatize mental health problems at work while improving employees' satisfaction.

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logoMenti2 - Clarissa Kürschner.png

Green TIO

Green TIO is an all-in-one carbon neutral fintech allowing people to Track their CO2 emissions, Invest in green companies and Offset their carbon footprint.

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STEMA Workshop is to engage more students, especially girls into STEAM field.

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Seek, a digital solution for refugees’ helpers (NGOs) that would connect a major community, creating an ecosystem for both refugees and companies to flourish.

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Do better because we can, simply, together. Join communities where you share, challenge and improve your consumption habits.

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Tinder for ethical clothes.

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CoLiving for people with disabilities and young professionals to solve social exclusion.

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Connecting people through sports.

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DoItClean Paris

DoItClean Paris offers several ways for consumers to pay attention to the way they consume cosmetics and also to learn their composition.

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Do It Clean - Paris Drap Blanc + Noir - Sarah Jaoui.png


FoodScan will propose your online grocery list provided from different deliverers and give you the chance to choose the one that better fits your requirements.

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FuturEd acts as an intermediary to fill the informational and assistance gap between high school students and universities.

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FuturEd_logo - Luca Cerrato.png



Becoming the go-to global platform for organised race accompaniment.

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RUSH logo - Niklas Oettle.png


Omnia uses data science and virtual delivery to give instant, personalized mental healthcare. Omnia's behavioural health coaches provide 24/7, mental health care through the Omnia app.

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Omnia_Logo_Black - Francesco Santarelli.png


Glive is a social media e-commerce app that offers neverending live content and instant click-and-buy feature.

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Matchee matches the opening positions with the most appropriate talents.

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matchee_logo - Christian Ge.png




Tailored apparel at scale for creative fashion.

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LOGO_BG - Valérie Chatelet.png



Signum aims to be a market place for furnishing your home from the comfort of your home.

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5C0C04C5-C9C9-4FC9-8587-A395E883DF70 - Rahul Modi.jpeg




MVPs for career path and university courses

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PHOTO-2022-11-08-20-01-25 - Grégoire Rouquette.jpg



Digital help-line for refugees and migrants to simplify the integration process.

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OASIS - Belen Franco Sendino.jpg




The duolingo of history for teenagers.

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EDYIA Logo - Barthélémy Ruault.png



Re.Own changes the way SME owners find their successor and get a fair value for their when exiting. Airbnb for SME business owners and buyers.

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Re.Own Logo - Shibika Mitra.png



Enabling diabetes type 1 patients to lead an easier life by forecasting their insuline demand with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

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logo kompleo 2 - Diane Rerolle.png



We are making repairing easier than buying something new by bringing digitization to small service and repair shops.

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