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We want to make "MAVPs of Career Paths and University Courses" to expose children to different fields of their interest so that they can gauge their interest early on and make better, informed decisions about higher education and the learning path they should take. We would make a series of small projects and tasks that are done by professionals of different fields in real life, strip them to the skill level of kids of 15-18 and present them with instructions on how to complete them.

Workshop Description:

Making people experience the MVP and engage a community.

Team: Shubbam Aggarwal, Matteo Trulli, Grégoire Rouquette

Industry: Edtech

Time Slots:
13:50 - 14:20 | 15:35 - 16:05

Brainy Buddy


OASIS - Belen Franco Sendino.jpg

We are a digital platform that provides seamless and efficient integration for every refugee and migrant coming to Germany and supports them in their critical transitions. We aim to simplify the journey that millions of displaced persons have to undertake. Our end goal is to enable successful adaptation of refugee and migrant to local communities and increase the quality of life.

Workshop Description:

A lively panel discussion with social workers and settled migrants about the solution to potentially discuss painpoints of Migration and Integration. Get ready to walk in their shoes and gain awareness of what they had to go through when they first arrived to a new land!

Team: Alanna Aloysius, Belen Franco Sendino. Niranjan Paruchuru . Xinming (Roxanne) Zhong. Xuemin Li

Industry: E-consultancy

Time Slots:
13:50 - 14:20 | 15:35 - 16:05



EDYIA Logo - Barthélémy Ruault.png

Many teenagers (middle and high school students) struggle to learn history in an efficient way. They often lack of methodology for their exams or appropriate supports and tools to stimulate their memory and keep them active in their learning path. That is why we offer a solution of active learning, specialized in history. The idea is to offer to students a gamified, personalized and interactive solution that enables them to play, in the first person, major historical characters.

Workshop Description:

Try our MVP on students on their smartphone through an interactive PowerPoint that they will download. This will be the time for us to collect valuable feedback on our MVP and to hear people opinion on our project.

Team: Barthélémy Ruault, Yasmine El Mernissi, Oliviero Vurro, Lucile Héliez, Etienne Arsac

Industry: Edtech

Time Slots:
14:25- 14:55 | 16:10 - 16:40



Re.Own Logo - Shibika Mitra.png

Small and Medium size business owners, mostly 50+ years, realize that they may not be able to adapt to the new digital reality and lack support to adjust to it. To these businesses, we offer a satisfactory exit, in which their business is bought by another owner while they receive the market value of their Business without having to liquidate it. We find potential buyers, evaluate the current business value and offer financing solutions for the acquisition.

Workshop Description:

Shark Tank for SMEs: We would present SME investment opportunities to students, especially with a finance or investor background. After the short pitches, we would ask them to invest into them.

Team: Shibika Mitra, Mayank Kumar, Niccolò de Leva, Quentin Jeanson

Industry: SME

Time Slots:
13:15 - 13:45 | 15:00 - 15:30 



logo kompleo 2 - Diane Rerolle.png

For diabetes type 1 patients, no day is like the other as external factors can influence the blood sugar tremendously, such as weather conditions or stressful situations. Patients have difficulties calculating their required insulin doses for their meal as the body reacts so differently according to these circumstances. Our idea is to develop a software using machine learning that allows for better predictability and improved insulin dose recommendations. A “for you” page for people with diabetes type 1 allowing users to receive daily recommendations on their insuline needs based on what they will do during the day and the impact of these future events.

Workshop Description:

We want to make the audience understand how difficult life can be with Diabetes type 1, which is why we will first have a 5 minutes awareness talk about this subject. Then the audience can expect a 5 minutes pitch concerning our project and a demonstration of our product mock-up. They will have the possibility to ask questions. After this Q&A session, they can tell us if and how much they would invest in the project if they were investors, and give their feedback. External people should join the workshop to find out more about our product and exchange with us to contribute to its development.

Team: Diane Rérolle, Jana Lossau, Francesco Paolo Papè, Maximilian Kofler

Industry: MedTech

Time Slots:
13:15 - 13:45 | 15:00 - 15:30



AxoTool_Logo - Hugo Jouan.png

By creating a platform for small service and repair shops, we aim to improve their efficiency in order management, transparency and digitization. On the business side, we allow small shops to gain more clients & visibility and on the consumer side, we tackle loss of time and misinformation. So, we promote sustainability by making repairing & maintaining easier than replacing. The platform will be listing the nearby small shops by category with precise information (pricing, opening hours...etc), a rating system, and most importantly an effective booking system.

Workshop Description:

Our workshop will be split into two parts: 1. How to crack the chicken & egg problem of Platform Models? New platforms always face the same problem. Consumers are only attracted if there are companies who supply, and companies are only attracted if there are potential consumers. Come and discuss, develop, and evaluate with us the opportunities on how to crack the chicken & egg problem of a digital platform. 2. Platform business models: consumer-centric or supply-centric approach? Participants will have a short interactive talk on the big variety of business models and revenue streams that platform models allow. We will organize a small challenge in which we will compare the best option between charging customers or charging businesses in a B2C platform. After the workshop, you will have a broader view and understanding of how to start a platform from the bottom up and how to build a multi-layered revenue stream.

Team: Gabrielle de Dampierre, Manik Mahajan, Henrik Schoeppach, Hanwen Shen, Hugo Jouan

Industry: SaaS - Business Services

Time Slots:
14:25 - 14:55 | 16:10 - 16:40

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