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We are aiming to guide the sustainable movement by referring the best ecological products, appliances & furniture. We connect eco-conscious consumers with eco-conscious suppliers/brands, in order to make sustainable homes the standard and not the exception.

Workshop Description:

We are offering an interactive and collaborative session to gather as much insight as possible - We would be grateful for any feedback that you could bring. The workshop will include the following:

- Presentation of our project
- MVP testing
- Q&A questions from your side

Team: Sixtine Mailleux, Katina Beslot, Fiona Deodato, Eudes Schechter, Priam Perrot, Quentin Labry

SDGs:  7- Affordable and Clean Energy, 11- Sustainable Cities and Communities, 12- Responsible Consumption & Production

Time Slots:
13:05 - 13:35 | 14:50 - 15:20



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Rapid urbanization, pollution, and related health consequences lead us to realize the urgency to bring nature back to cities.
We provide a platform that makes installing green walls in offices easy and impactful - from conception to footprint evolution. Our mission is to make the office, where we spend most of our time, a more sustainable, healthy, and happy environment and our vision is to become the #1 platform for urban transformation in Europe.

Workshop Description:

Join us and explore what green walls can do! We will quiz you on the unexpected potential that lies in green walls to make cities greener again.

Team: Giulia LUCIANO, Mehul GUPTA, Victor GONCALVES, Elouan PACAULT, Viktoria LEROUX

Industry: Social Entrepreneurship

Time Slots:
13:40 - 14:10 | 15:25 - 15:55


Impack Delivery


Impack Delivery is a food delivery service that avoids single-use packaging by introducing reusable containers in the delivery loop. Impack sells containers to the restaurants and ensures that they are returned on time. When ordering food on our app, the consumer can choose between dropping the container in the nearest partner restaurant or waiting for his next order to get his container picked up by the delivery person.

Workshop Description:

A short video explaining our customer journey Presentation of wireframes Basic application (MVP)

Team: Mae-li Le Gall, Tyliam Silvini, Edoardo Fasolo, Malte Bock, Devi Preetham Kumar Adimulam and Héloïse Beau-Reder

Industry: Food delivery

Time Slots:
14:15 - 14:45 | 16:00 - 16:30




BLocal helps its users to save time during grocery shopping while consuming more responsibly. How ? By offering fresh, local and seasonable food, that comes directly from regional producers or ecological brands. Our product is available in supermarkets and is displayed in the form of thematic boxes, that contain precise information about each item and its supplier, but also recipes to learn how to cook the different ingredients.

Workshop Description:

This workshop invites anyone who is curious to find out more about our sustainable consumption solution. The workshop will include the following:

1. Presentation of our project
2. Quick game related to our project
3. Q&A and feedback from your side

Team: Alexandre Gaumont, Clara Journoud, Hugo Ehrhart, Henri Courdent, Célia Babaci, Aymeric Chemière

Industry: Sustainable Consumption

Time Slots:
13:05 - 13:35 | 14:50 - 15:20


What's Next

LOGO_WHATSNEXT - Irina Stefani.png

Our application is tailored to high-school students within their last 2 years of high-school and offers extensive and complied information about all the possible field of studies and universities a student can pursue after high-school. Our app is highly interactive with many features that makes browsing and exploring about universities fun and an experience. Students have the possibility to interact with professionals, alumni’s and current students to gather an all-round picture what the life at university is all about. Our goal is to give high-schoolers a fun way to decide on and build their future.

Workshop Description:

We will shortly present the problem that we have identified followed by our solution and company. After, students have the possibility to test our application What’s Next on a dedicated website and click through the possible features. After having explored our application, we are delighted to get some feedback by asking specific questions about preferences on the possible features.

Team: Irina Stefani, Noah Barth, Alice Gandon, Manon Leemput, Luigi Bonaccorsi, Gabriele Caccia

Industry: Education

Time Slots:
13:40 - 14:10 | 15:25 - 15:55



Illustration_sans_titre - Bastien Antoine.png

Ther’Happy is a SaaS solution provided to mental health practitioners which : - Empowers patients, reduce the drops from therapy - Makes patients active players in their therapy & supports them - Creates a safe space for expression between sessions, and paves the way for next appointments as well as possible Our tool is co-created with practitioners and patients and we aim at being customer-centric first. The patient and the practitioner have a personal board with which they can follow the progression of the therapy and have access to the recaps of precedent sessions.

Workshop Description:

Our workshop aims to encourage participants to be aware of the importance of their mental health. Mental Health problems need everything but darkness. In this interactive workshop we want to hear your voice therefore, you will find:

- A fun game
- The first presentation of our prototype
- A short MPV pitch
- Feedbacks from you

We look forward to meeting you 😊


Industry: Health

Time Slots:
14:15 - 14:45 | 16:00 - 16:30



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Our will is to make repairing "cool". To encourage repairing, we provide on top of it a customization opportunity to give the object a new identity and a second (or third ?) life. Customers will have all the informations (price, delay, customization option) on a digital platform. We will be in charge of picking up the items at customer location and delivering it back after repair and customization.

Workshop Description:

Not defined yet

Team: Oscar Kettaneh, Tancrède Dufournier, Sreerag Karichery, Nidan Prakash, Bleuenn Querné

SDGs: Repairing

Time Slots:
13:05 - 13:35 | 15:25 - 15:55