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19 November 2020

The Conference

Insights into entrepreneurship
19 November 2020

ESCP Business School was founded in 1819 by Jean Baptiste Say, the personnage who coined the term entrepreneur. 200 years after, we still advocate enthusiastically entrepreneurship and we're glad to invite you to join us for the Entrepreneurship Festival.


The entrepreneurship festival is a one day event co-created by our students, alumnis, entrepreneurs and innovative experts. The Festival gathers panels, talks and workshops exploring different aspects of Technology and Innovation in Europe. This year, we celebrate diversity involving technology, artrepreneurship, social and sustainable innovations and futuristic projects...












Gathering innovative and inspirational entrepreneurs
Option E Workshops
13:30 - 15:30
Virtual Startup Fair
15:00 - 17:00
Alumni Networking Event
18:00 onwards

About us

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Blue Factory is a multi-purpose workspace fostering entrepreneurship and creativity. It provides support to entrepreneurs in adequation with the entrepreneur's needs: pitch deck training, support to get funds... We rely on our alumni and mentors network to help ideation and venture scaling in Germany and across Europe thanks to our Parisian Blue Factory.


The Jean-Baptiste Say Institute for Entrepreneurship relies on a unique European network that was developed in 2007 by the Entrepreneurship Chair of ESCP Business School and has today more than 50 researchers and teachers. Our goal is to train entrepreneurs and leaders around the world in entrepreneurship and, to prepare tomorrow’s managers for profound changes in the world of work.

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